About Us


The Pitch Hub is a Ghanaian organisation that is aimed at equipping young entrepreneurs in Ghana with the soft skills that are needed to build and sustain competitive business in the 21st century.


We focus mainly on, investor liaising and capacity building. The Pitch Hub facilitates training of young entrepreneurs in the art of pitching their business ideas and connects them to investors both locally and internationally for funding. The Pitch Hub with support from partners provides business consulting to the group of entrepreneurs selected each year to help grow their business. We also undertake outreach programs to tertiary institutions, religious organisations among others to encourage entrepreneurship among young people who have the drive and passion for business.


We research into opportunities that are available to young entrepreneurs in Ghana and make them accessible.

Training and Mentoring

We facilitate training and mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs

Investor Liaising

We help young entrepreneurs network and connect with investors to get funding for their business ideas.


We believe in ideas that work. We recognise the self-evident truth that many young Ghanaians have ideas that could potentially change the economy of this country and help solve the perennial problem of unemployment. We are happy to provide the support these enterprising young Ghanaians need to implement these ideas.


According to the Ghana Statistical Service, young people in Ghana form approximately 12million of the country’s population and out of that number 53% are unemployed. Also, Statistics from the Institute of Statistics, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana indicates that 60,000 students graduate from tertiary institutions yearly, with only 10% of them securing employment in the first-year post-graduation. It could take up to ten years for a large proportion to secure gainful employment. As a stopgap measure, majority of graduates turn to entrepreneurship but unfortunately cannot sustain and expand their businesses due to lack of dexterity and acumen required to survive. This is where The Pitch Hub comes in – To train and empower young entrepreneurs who will run successful businesses that can potentially change their lives and that of others.