We research into opportunities that are available to young entrepreneurs in Ghana and make them accessible.

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We facilitate training and mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs

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We help young entrepreneurs network and connect with investors to get funding for their business ideas.

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The Pitch Hub supported EAA Media Production to provide a documentary dubbed: “Women Entrepreneurs and Banking in Ghana”. This documentary backed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), was to explore and raise awareness of the peculiar nature of the problems women entrepreneurs in Ghana face in accessing bank loans for their businesses. The research findings provided by The Pitch Hub team was excellent, accurate and was beautifully put together. They did an amazing job.

Esther Armah Founder and CEO EAA Media Production

After completing the EQWIP HUBs’ entrepreneurship training, our participants were able to structure their business models on paper but their biggest challenge was the ability to confidently pitch their business idea before a panel of potential investors. This is where The Pitch Hub came in to train them on content planning and how to deliver a 1-minute elevator pitch and a 5-min pitch in front of a panel. One of the most important skills any entrepreneur must have is the ability to sell an idea or product to make money. After being trained by The Pitch Hub, most of our participants succeeded and were granted a seed capital to start their business.

Cheikh Dicko Business Advisor / EQWIP HUBs, Accra, Ghana

The Pitch Hub is that extra that would give Ghanaian entrepreneurs the edge to make a huge impression on investors. Having been to one of their training sessions, the information and insight I got were unmatched. If you are thinking of starting a business or looking for investors, The Pitch Hub is the place to be.


Richard Mensah Co-founder of Hiresail

Of course, no one ever wants to come in 2nd place. One of the most important lessons I try to instill in my students is the importance of embracing and redefining failure. Second place out of over 100 project proposals all across the globe is just proof that there is a need for TGS worldwide.
Besides, I couldn’t have chosen a better project to be runner-up to:

Meet Aurelia Abena Attipoe. Her project (The Pitch Hub) seeks to build a start-up incubator for young entrepreneurs in Ghana. She believes that empowering local artisans and entrepreneurs will fuel economic development in her country. She said, “if we push Ghana forward, we push Africa forward. And if we push Africa forward, we push the entire world forward.” I voted for her project because she is an undeniable force. The vision and passion she has for her country is revolutionary. I strongly believe the world will be pulled forward through Ghana with The Pitch Hub

Joi M. Sears Co-Founder The Green Store




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